Friday, July 23, 2010

Van den Hul HDMI Flat cable

Following the latest specifications introduced by the official HDMI organization we are proud to introduce The VDH HDMI Flat, a new high quality, flat shaped, HDMI cable that is fully compliant with the 1.4 standard for lengths up to 10 meter and offers effortless performance even at long 15 meter runs.

With The VDH HDMI Flat our included unique design and material features provide unparalleled added value in terms of signal transport quality and fidelity, cable lifespan and environmental friendliness.
Applied throughout our product range, this more serious cable design and production approach makes van den Hul stand out from the rest.

You can visit the official website for further information.  Van den Hul  Flat HDMI site

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cambridge Audio Azur 540R V2.0

The 540R V.2 is designed to maximise multi-channel performance without compromising on stereo reproduction. As such, the six 80W discrete amplifiers are kept as separate as possible from the processing and input stages. An oversized power supply ensures that the 540R V2.0 can maintainain a high power output into even difficult speaker loads to ensure a powerful and effortless sound. 
Designed to deliver the most outstanding home cinema experience, the 540R 6.1 AV receiver marked Cambridge Audio’s foray into home cinema amplifiers when it was launched. Since its debut, the 540R has won numerous awards and has been subject to some excellent reviews from the world’s hi-fi press. Many praise its musical ability, extolling its virtues across music and movie sources.

Technologically, the 540R benefits from the finest components including a Crystal DSP (Digital Sound Processor) and multi DAC. It’s also compatible with the all the latest home cinema formats and packs a mighty 100 watts per channel in two channel mode and 80 watts per channel when powering a six channel set-up.

The on-board FM/MW RDS tuner has also been praised by the press for its great reception and ease of use. It offers 30 station presets making access to your favourite stations a breeze.

Elegantly housed in stylish new casework, with a solid aluminium front panel and acoustically damped chassis, the 540R affords an impressive array of features and functions. The ergonomic remote control, which comes as standard, is perfectly contoured and controls all the features of this AV powerhouse.

The 540R features a host of inputs and outputs to provide flexible connectivity and set-up. A full range of video switching options allows the amplifier to act as a hub for composite, S-VHS and component video sources, enabling simultaneous picture and sound control.

It’s time to say goodbye to yesterday’s AV system and hear how the Azur 540R can revolutionise your Home Cinema experience.

Azur 540R features :

  • Powerful 100 watts per channel across two channels or 80 watts per channel in 6.1 mode
  • FM/MW RDS tuner with 30 presets
  • Slim-line Azur remote control with aluminium top panel
  • Decoder capable of processing:
    • Dolby Digital 5.1
    • DTS 5.1
    • Dolby Digital EX 6.1
    • DTS ES 6.1
    • Dolby Pro Logic
    • Dolby Pro Logic II
  • Six channel on-board discrete amplification
  • Crystal CS493263 DSP and CS42518 24-bit/192 kHz multi DAC
  • Comprehensive array of analogue and digital inputs and outputs:
    • Component, S-Video and composite connections
    • Electrical and optical digital inputs and outputs
    • 6.1 inputs and outputs
    • Six line level inputs with a tape monitor
  • Low resonance, acoustically damped chassis improves sonic performance
  • Stylish all-metal casework with a solid aluminium front panel


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DVD Pioneer DV-600AV

The Pioneer DV-600AV DVD Player is a universal format player with massive flexibility. The DV600 will play all the major disc and compression formats, including SACD, DVD-Audio, DivX, MPEG4 AAC, WMV, JPEG & MP3; it'll upscale all video to high-resolution 1080p through its built-in HDMI socket (which also outputs multi-channel audio) and it'll play back files stored on an external storage device, through its front USB port. Awesome Pioneer-power in a single, sleek player.

Specification :

  • Digital audio output sockets: Optical (toslink) & Coaxial (RCA/phono)
  • Analogue audio output sockets:
    • Stereo audio via 2 x phono/RCA sockets
    • 5.1 decoded output via 6 x phono/RCA sockets
  • Video in/output sockets:
    • REAR:
      • HDMI (with up to 1080P HD resolution upscaling, DCD Audio from SACD & Linear PCM Multi-channel audio support)
      • Scart: RGB, S-Video, Composite video and stereo output
      • Component video output (supports PAL/NTSC progressive scan) (via 3 x RCA/phono)
      • S-Video (via 4-pin mini din)
      • Composite video output (via RCA/phono)
    • FRONT :
      • USB IN
  • Playback format compatibility: DVD-Audio, SACD, DVD/-R/-RW/+R/+RW including dual layer, CD/-R/-RW, MP3, WMA, S/VCD, JPEG, Picture CD, DivX (DivX Ultra Certified) (with simultaneous JPEG & MP3/WMA playback option, too), WMV, MPEG4 AAC
  • Playback functions: Repeat all/title/A-B, GUI navigation, resume, last memory, programme play, random, title/track/time search, thumbnail-driven disc navigator.
    Downmixed 2 channel Dolby Digital and DTS output
  • Digital audio format outputs: DTS, Dolby Digital, PCM
  • Built in audio decoder: Dolby Digital, DTS, SACD, DVD-Audio
  • Video standards: PAL & NTSC disc playback and PAL/NTSC output switching
  • DAC/Digital bits: 24 bit/96kHz DACs, 108MHz/12 bit Video DAC
  • Supplied accessories: Remote control handset with batteries
  • W x H x D (mm): 420 x 49.5 x 215.5
  • Weight (kg): 1.8
  • Finish: Black or silver
  • Extra:
    • Block noise reduction.
    • Dynamic range control, seven audio DSP modes, virtual surround, dialogue enhancer.

    • Interlaced/progressive scan simultaneous output, Block Noise Reduction and Ringing Noise Reduction
My DV-600V :

My others beloved video audio equipment:

LCD Sharp Aquos LC-32A53ML

Feature :
  • TV LCD 32 inch
  • HD ready
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio 7500 : 1 (Native Contrast Ratio 1500:1)
  • WXGA ASV LCD Panel by SHARP ASV LCD Technology
  • Piano Finish Cabinet and Stand for matching any interior
  • Fine Motion Advanced for smooth reproduction of  fast-moving picture
  • Dual Picture Function (P & P)
  • Audyssey Spatial EQ for theather-like surround soung
  • AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions are very bright, so you can put them anywhere -- even near windows, doors or other light sources and their picture will still be vivid.
  • 60,000-Hour Lamp Life, Sharp's LCD backlight life is long enough to give you viewing pleasure for many years
  • 3 years waranty (from Sharp Indonesia)

  • High Brightness : 450 cd/m2
  • Resolution  : 1366 x 768 pixel
  • 60.000 Hours (at save 1 mode) Long Life Back Light
  • Viewing Angle : Horizontal 176 o and Vertical 176 o ,are so wide you can view AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions from anywhere in the room!
  • Stereo System : NICAM / A2 / MTS
  • Audio Output : 10 Watt + 10 Watt
  • Input Terminal :
    • HDMI (2), Component (2), AV-In (2), PC Input (1),
    • S-Video (1), RS-232Cx1, AV-out (1), Optical Audio Out (1)
  • Power Supply : AC 110V-240V, 50 Hz

My others beloved video audio equipment:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Motorola BDA-S4 , a Broadband Drop Amplifier

Motorola BDA-S4 is the amplifier for cable TV, both analog and HDTV which has four ports.

This amplifier is well made, durable and meets all of the requirements for professional use. It's is widely used in the cable industry (contrary to some of the reviews here). There are several companies that make these and they all meet the frequency requirements (5-1000 MHz) for modern HFC cable systems. It is provided and installed by cable guys and it costs $40-$50 on average

There is nothing worse than having a great TV to watch your favorite programs, while having a grainy or pixilated (digital cable) picture. Motorola BDA amplifiers give your TV signal a boost while maintaining full compatibility with all of your cable services. Simply install the BDA-S4 where your cable or antenna comes into your house and begin enjoying a better picture, faster downloads, and a more reliable HD or Digital TV signal. With a name like Motorola, how can you go wrong? The BDA-S4 is fully compatible with all cable TV standards, cable boxes, cable modems, routers, HDTV and more

Feature :
  • 1 GHz Gallium Arsenide Technology
  • 2.5 dB Noise Figure
  • Patented Auto-Seize P-Series F-Connector
  • One, Two or Four Port Versions
  • Two-Way Capable
  • LED Power Verification
  • Local or Remote Powering
  • Environmentally Hardened Design
  • 6 kV Surge Resistant
  • Current limited power supply

The BDA amplifier uses advanced Gallium Arsenide technology for improved distortion and noise performance. This technology provides improved distortion performance for both CTB and CSO distortions. Compared to silicon-based amplifiers, GaAs distortion performance remains linear at significantly higher output levels

The BDA amplifier has built-in diplex filters for two-way operation. A passive return path is provided for return path continuity and enables use of multiple broadband devices such as set-top terminals and cable modems. An active return path is provided for the BDA-K*/PS/RA to overcome external splitting losses. The BDA is available with extended return S-split (42/52 MHz) diplex filters for the passive return models, and traditional K-split diplex filters (42/54 MHz) for the active return models. Please note the S-split return frequency for the BDA passive return models differs slightly from the traditional S-split offered in other Motorola products that use a 5-40 MHz return path. Please contact your Motorola Account Representative for specific details.

The BDA amplifier is designed to meet the 6 kV IEEE C62.41-1991 Category B-3 Combination Wave at the input port. It is also designed to meet both 6 kV IEEE C62.41-1991 Category A-3 Ring Wave and 1 kV Combination Wave surge for all output ports, power supply transformer port, and power inserter ports. This surge tolerance enhances system reliability.

A weather seal and protective coating are provided so that the BDA amplifier may be used for indoor or outdoor applications

General Specifications
Nominal Impedance : 75 Ω
Surge withstand 6 kV Ring Wave (IEEE C62.41-1991 Cat. A3, unused ports terminated)
Power Adaptor 18 VDC output, UL Listed, PTC short-circuit protected, self-resetting
Dimensions :4.9” x 4.0” x 1.0”
Environmental Specifications
Pressure Seal  : 15 psi
Operating Temperature : -40 °C to +60 °C

Reference :


BDA Instllation Manual

Additional material for installation :
- F connector
- 75 ohm F-connector  termination

Tools :

- Rotary Coax Coaxial Cable Cutter Tool RG58 RG6 Stripper
- Compression Tool Coax Coaxial Crimper F RG6 Connector 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Replacing the Azur 540r's power cable with Belden's 83803

The aim of the project:
- Change the default cable
- Improved sound quality

Reference :
- DIY Belden 83803 Mains Power Cable
- DIY AC Power Cord
- Service Manual of Cambridge Audio Azur 540R V2.0

Parts :
- Belden 83803 . I bought from Take Audio Five
- Reference in-line SILVER mains cable plug . I bought from Audio Friendy shop
- VH Connector 3.96mm Crimp pin Copper-Tin. I bought from wonderco_buy79 (ebay seller in Taiwan)

Tools :
- Torx T6 Screw Driver
- Mini Needle Nose Plier
- Rotary Coax Coaxial Cable Cutter Tool RG58 RG6 Stripper
- Wire Cut Plier

Original cable from Store :

And I do like below :

Tools :

The result  :
- When I play Selena Jones in the song "I dont want to miss a thing" from her album Those Eyes, the voice sounded clear and powerful

Belden Cable 83803

12 AWG stranded (7x20) TC conductors, conductors cabled, plenum, FEP insulation, Beldfoil® (100% coverage) + TC braid shield (85% coverage), FEP jacket

Read Detailed specification pdf html
Price : Can$10,39/ feet . Check at Take Five Audio Canada